Services in the FE analysis field

  • Elaboration of optimal solutions and improvements of structures regarding better material utilization and cost efficiency.
  • Expert opinions in the field of non-linear problems (e.g. crack development in concrete, interaction between crack development and concrete creep / shrinkage…).
  • Calculation and design of complex members and structures (e.g. steel node details, steel cable nets, glass constructions…).
  • Load bearing capacity verification of existing structures in case of damage or change of use.
  • Development of reconstruction proposals, formulation of design concepts for specific structures as well as structural planning for building constructions.


New Filderstadt Fair – welded tubular steel node

The roof construction of the exhibition halls is performed with so-called suspended roofs. The mid-support of two opposite suspended roofs is built by a 3-point truss girder manufactured from steel tubes (height about 9 m). For Mayr|Ludescher|Partner the bottom tube with welded filler rods was modelled in 3D and calculated.

Reinforced concrete foundation of a wind energy plant

For IEA GmbH & Co. KG the reinforced concrete foundation, the soil underneath and the steel shaft of a wind power plant were modelled and calculated in 3D. The steel tower is connected to the foundation with a pre-cast steel section. The reinforcement was modelled with 1D bar elements.

LNG-tank under low and high temperature loading

For Peter und Lochner Beratende Ingenieure für Bauwesen GmbH the LNG tank manufactured of pre-stressed concrete (outer hull segment) incl. a so-called “corner protection” was modelled in 3D and calculated for a disaster-case (low temperature loading due to LNG leakage) and for a fire load case. The pre-stressing cables and normal steel reinforcement were modelled using 1D bar elements.

Acrylic glass fastening detail

For the SWM Services GmbH numerical investigations were performed to evaluate the bearing capacity of acrylic glass plates, which are used as the cover of the cable roofs of the Olympic Park in Munich. The material model of the acrylic glass used in the calculations was calibrated with experimental data. The connection between the cables and the plates was modelled in detail, with puffer, rubber seal and metal elements.

Reinforced concrete slot channel under airplane design load: ultimate and serviceability limit state

For Betonwerk Neu-Ulm GmbH & Co. KG a reinforced concrete slot channel with a corresponding foundation (concrete and reinforcement, length 4 m) was discretized in 3D and calculated for the airplane design load (BFZ 7500 kN). The reinforcement was modelled with 1D bar elements, concrete was modelled with 3D solid elements.

Egcobox slab connection, parametric study of pressure elements under test conditions

For Max Frank GmbH & Co. KG a complete test setup for the experimental investigation of a slab connection (steel girder: support and loading, concrete member, reinforcement: bending and shear reinforcement and variable pressure elements) was modelled in 3D and numerically investigated under a line load (cantilever) until failure. Subsequently a parametric study of the position and the shape of the pressure elements was performed.