About Us


In the last decades Prof. Ozbolt and nolasoft developed several FE programs for a realistic calculation of structures made of various materials. These programs can be used and adapted by nolasoft. They were tested and calibrated in numerous theoretical and practical examples, especially for structures made of concrete and reinforced concrete. It has been shown that these programs using three dimensional Finite Element analysis are able to realistically predict failure loads and failure modes. The practical application of the software allows safe and economic planning and the design of structures. Our main advantage is the fact that beside the software application also the continuous software development is pursued at nolasoft.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Joško Ožbolt
Dr.-Ing. Utz Mayer
Dr.-Ing. Goran Periškić
Dipl.-Inf. Stefan Dudzik


Finding the best and most economical solutions for our customers is our main principle. We’re always looking for a dialogue, because these solutions can be achieved only through exchange and discussions. Confidence, honesty and responsibility towards our clients are our further fundamentals. In terms of quality assurance we apply the multiple-control principle, in each of our projects. This allows us to recognize and eliminate inevitable errors in an early phase. A lot of joy about the projects, a huge commitment and the necessary care are benefits that satisfy not only our customers but also ourselves. We’re looking forward to a fertile and successful cooperation.